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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Proceeding With Caution into 2021

My Creative Team and I (aka my mom and I) are finalizing the cost for the 2021 Desktop Calendars this year. The price for the calendar will stay the same as the last 3 years, $13.00, however, we're going to get a more accurate price for the packaging/postage tomorrow from the Post Office.

Due to not making a single profit off of the Wall Calendars, I will not be selling those. I actually lost money off of them the last several years.

I have 10 brand new paintings on this calendar and two that were made last year, but never used/seen. So essentially 12 new ones. I will let everyone know how to order, where to send the money, etc....

I am ordering only 100 (for now) and I will not be "reserving" any for anyone. Who pays first, gets first dibs on quantity. Last year, people asked for a number of calendars, then never came through to paying me.

These make perfect gifts for teenagers, coworkers, grandparents, Secret Santa gifts... etc.... Thanks for your support and loving my art, Amy