Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My Kindness Project

I have created a brand new group page that is called Wet ink Wisdom® Kindness Project. 

My hopes and dreams for this page is to help individuals heal through my whimsical watercolor art, should they be bullied or have an illness or perhaps have survived a tragic event. 

Find me on Facebook. It's under a GROUP PAGE with this actual title! Anyone can join this PUBLIC Group Page.

Thank you for your support, Amy S. Petrik, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Monday, February 11, 2019


Hello... I have deleted my Wet ink Wisdom® facebook business page. You can find me on instagram: @wetinkwisdom or Twitter: wetinkwisdom -- Thanks for your unconditional support over the past 12 years  I have also deleted my Bohemian Burble weight loss blog on Word Press, that I have had since June 2012. You all should be all caught up on my life as I know it too.  Thanks for your kind support over the years.