Thursday, September 25, 2014

Updated Price List 9/2014

Prices vary on the size of the painting and the amount of people you want in each painting.

How it works... you email me photos of who you want drawn/painted. I do a "liking" of said child/person ... (examples to include: eye color, how they wear their hair, braces/no braces, glasses/color of frames, wear flowers in their hair or headbands, always wears a cap, etc... then if they have a favorite color or are in sports, etc... list their hobbies and if you want to include a saying/quote/scripture, any type of wording)

Before I actually start the drawing, I double check with the client to make sure we are on the same page in terms of size, what each painting will consist of and the correct wording.

5x7 drawing/painting for one person is $20.00 ....
5x7 for two people is $25.00
***2 people can be in a 5x7 but no details can be added and a tiny quote too but nothing too big or anything else can be added

8x10 for one person is $30.00
8x10 for 2 people is $40.00
8x10 for 3 people is $50.00
***2 to 3 people can be included to an 8x10 but the price for more than one, starts at $40...

10x13 -- up to 4 people in this size... starts at $50 and goes higher
11x14 -- families up to 10 people... starts at $60....
12x16  -- starts at $70 ..

Larger sizes start at $100 and higher


All of the above just include the drawing and watercolor paints used on watercolor paper.

I can add a frame to each order and that is an additional $10.00+ per frame.

** I add 6% SD tax to the order....

If you live in Yankton, delivery/ pick up is free; all other orders are mailed by priority mail and the customer pays for shipping/postage.

I accept: money orders, cashiers checks, cash and can do by PayPal but I will charge you the fee that Paypal charges me to do it this route.

I do need to be paid first before I start any order ... and the turn around time once payment clears, is 72 hours.

All sales are final.

All of my watercolor paintings are sprayed with a fixative spray so that the watercolors never run should the painting get wet once it is in the client's hands. Also after it is sprayed, no changes can be made to said painting. (Ex: sometimes a client will call back and want another person added to the completed painting, and it simply cannot be done.)

I've been a professional licensed artist since 2007, but been creating paintings for people, long before that. Out of all the paintings I've created, I have had only 4 people dislike what I created for them. But again, I stress, it is extremely important to discuss everything in great details before I start a painting for a client.

Also there are many things I cannot draw and will tell you up front immediately. For example, I cannot make people sit or do much with their hands, etc.. It seems silly but my brain cannot tell my hands to draw it that way. I've tried a zillion times over but I still cannot master that type of drawings. Check out all of my imagination to get a feel of what I can and cannot do. If you want me to attempt to draw something, I may add an extra fee as it will take me a lot longer than my usual speed to complete your order. This is why I like to discuss in detail what you are wanting for your order.

***Prices are subject to change at any time.***

Thanks for your support,

Amy S. Petrik
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