Saturday, July 20, 2013

About the Artist:  Amy Susan Petrik 

Amy S. Petrik is a professional licensed artist, writer and graphic designer from Springfield, South Dakota. Amy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota. She became a professional licensed artist in 2007.

Amy’s whimsical artwork is a combination of drawing with black markers and vibrant watercolor paints. She is capable of painting in abstract and surreal designs as well but her first love is doing her whimsical cartoon art. She also has done work with limestone and bronze sculpting.

The site will offer you a look into her vivid imagination. Everything has been created with vibrant watercolor paints, pencils or watercolor crayons along with black ink. Amy never creates anything twice and each creation is an original hand drawn, hand painted painting.

Some of Amy's personal interests are getting together every July 4th with her siblings and her mom in their childhood hometown of Springfield, SD; exploring garage sales and antique shops looking for treasures; going to small town festivals like Czech Days in Tabor, SD where she relishes in her Czech heritage. Amy is thankful for her wonderful and adventurous childhood she had and camping all over the United States with her family. Amy gets her inspirations for her drawings from the oddities of daily life and her surroundings.

Amy S. Petrik
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